Paraphrasing the word known in the culinary art to explain the act to eat and to taste slowly, "slow wear" means to shop in a more slowly and selectioned way.
It's the rescue of "clothes made to measure" meant like an arm to face the homologation, the unique guardianship of your own way to dress in a studied proposal, which isn't the mark but the personal taste that mark each of us. Clothes made to measure (not necessary expencive, on the contrary) involve leather, knitted goods craftsmen, tailors, with their high professionality in the new althernative shopping net.

We invite you to discover our offers of clothes made to measure:
men and momen's wear in a big variety of tissues, leathers and furriers; not only for ceremony dresses but also for the every day wearing.


Other Services:


Extra Size Man and Woman's wear: size from 54 to 84

Personalized and complete advice for wedding cloths and accessories

Leather workshop: care, ripairing, changing